My Christmas present at the Opera House

Posted: Dec 28 2014

One day before Christmas Eve I was sitting in one of the boxes of the glittering Opera house of our beautiful capital, Budapest. I was so excited, and not only because I had the possibility to listen to the Christmas concert…

My Christmas present at the Opera House

The audience took seats, the musicians were tuning up, and there were that typical “theatre fragrance” I like so much, because it belongs to that special feeling a place like this can enchant us with.

Then the Maestro stepped forward. The orchestra started to play. The melodies were really magical.


A few days before, John Axelrod, conductor of the Christmas concert bumped into our shopwindow with a Tulipani Rossi suit in it while walking in Budapest downtown. He decided to wear that suit at that night on the stage. It was like mission impossible in such a short time, but finally, his tailor made suit embroidered with authentic Hungarian motives got ready.

I couldn’t have got greater present this Christmas than seeing our Tulipani suit on the stage of the splendid Opera house, and moreover, such a great man like Mr Axelrod wore it! World famous conductor graduated at Harvard University (where his Master was Leonard Bernstein himsefl!) and in Saint Petersburg, Mr. Axelrod has already conducted more than 100 orchestras on the stages of the world from Asia to the U.S. Now he is Principal Conductor of Verdi Symphonic Orchestra of Milan and Music Director of Symphonic Orchestra of Sevilla.

Tulipani Rossi – Hungarian heritage, cosmopolitan feeling

Tulipani Rossi is the newly highlighted sub-brand of LACCA We - with my co-designer, Krisztina Martin - flavoured the garments with a bit of Hungarian character, still designed for the modern urban women and men. 


After the first session of the concert, he held a little speech about the pieces they played (simply calling Bernstein Leni :)) and about his experiences of Budapest. To my great surprise he also added: “I really enjoy the hospitality of the Hungarian people. I even went shopping, since it is Christmas! :) LACCA Fashion from Hungary designed this to me” - showing over his garment. And the audience applauded. I think my mother and me were the happiest spectators of that night before Christmas. :)


(photo by Opera House, Attila Nagy)

The concert was so overwhelming with pieces of Bernstein’s Divertimento, West Side Story and Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess that at the end during the applause I kept smiling and smiling and I felt like jumping out of the seat! Congratulations to Mr Axelrod, to the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and all the other artists who contributed to this miraculous evening.

I do really hope that with his choice we can contribute to making Hungarian culture, design and fashion become a little bit more known world-wide.  Actually, this is one of our missions.



We thank you Maestro, it was a wonderful experience! :)