Every start is hard - The LACCA Story

Posted: Dec 17 2014

This post is about the LACCA story as we have arrived at a new milestone: we go international! It is really a story, though it started only 4 years ago. But these four years mean so much to us that it would be enough for a lifetime! Good news that a blogpost needs to be short! So I try to depict shortly what the LACCA feeling means to me.  

Every start is hard... 

How did it start? I always say fashion just happened to find me. Beforehand, I had done a lot things, but nothing with fashion. Of course I loved it, but that was all. I was just sitting in an office of a huge company when my Mom, who has always been daring and trying to find new ways, decided to open a boutique, just for her own pleasure. It seemed very exciting to me to fill the small shop and select the assortments… Then one day, she turned up with a piece of textile saying: Let’s make our own clothes! This is how it started. I began to design clothes.

So LACCA is not only me, the designer, but we are in two with my Mom. I design the clothes, she does everything else. She was the one who, while I was still sitting in that boring office, ran miles looking for proper textiles, accessories, and try to find the way of success. I could list 'til next morning what she has done for us to reach this milestone of which I’m writing this post about. I cannot be more grateful to her than I am now.


For the first time I hid myself behind the brand name saying: I am not a fashion designer. Then people started to encourage me to feature myself, come out of the backstage and accept the applause. Being a fashion designer is not a cheap game, though. In the very beginning my friends were the models of the shows and photo shoots. I am lucky because I have such pretty friends! Here are some pics with them from the beginnings:


We held numerous little fashion shows on balls and other events with the girls, when it came to our first, real, full-length show only for LACCA with real models, lights, a catwalk, make-up artists and hairdressers and with everything else a good show needs. The place was full, we had an astonishing audience of over 200 people. I was stunned. I did not only spend my entire salary plus more to achieve this, but worked every night and on the weekends too. I can tell you now, it was worth it. We hit the bottom so many times that we both thought we had no chance besides the fast fashion companies. It was really hard to become a professional, to find the best ‘ingredients’ for the good foundation: materials, seamstresses and those people who can think together with us in the long term.
Nelson Mandela once said:

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” It depicts our story very well.

Linea-L collection: the first truely LACCA lines

We had many setbacks and disappointments. Creative work became even more challenging under these circumstances. Sometimes I still feel this to be a vicious circle. The first collection I considered to be really mine, really about Edit Apati and LACCA was Linea-L. L simply stands for LACCA, since that was the first time I felt: Yes, this is it, I am now satisfied.

Seeing our customers being happy with their new clothes, hearing that they feel like I design personally for them is the best feeling for me. When I receive photos of them in LACCA clothes at big events of their lives, I know that I have arrived. This is what I was looking for.

The new milestone: going international

And now, we arrive at a new milestone, we have big dreams again. We put ourselves to the test of foreign customers. From Budapest, my Mom, myself and our little team. After years of hard work and sleepless nights, we have launched our new, international LACCA webshop. Available directly from facebook as well. We hope that LACCA will be as much beloved abroad as it is here in Hungary! We are looking forward to it!

Edit Apati