Top 5 frequented questions about the world of fashion

Posted: Nov 28 2014

The world of fashion often seems to be like a very exciting perfume fragrance or a sparkling party with luxury goods and full of spotlights, cover photos and glamour for an outsider. Being a designer, I was asked many times by many people about fashion shows and photo shoots. To give you a little insight into what it’s really like, here are 5 questions about the most common assumptions and fallacies. And the way I see it…

1. You have a very interesting profession and life with full of glamour and excitement, right?
Not being an everyday profession, fashion really has a lot of excitement, but more like professional ones, since this is also just a job, with its everyday battles and many obstacles. For these struggles, fashion shows are really those moments which make it up to me. Though, not because they are all about glamour and parties, since they are preceded by serious work. But let’s save this for another post. Still, when I go out to the catwalk at the end of the show not being able to see anything because of the spotlights, and hearing applause like a blurred pulse… so this is the prize for a half-year work indeed, in spirit it is much more, than sales. 
2. Do you wear your own designed clothes?
Sounds unbelievable, but almost everyone asks this question. Thinking of it, probably I myself would do that. Of course, I do wear them! Not only because this is the best promotion (people tend to choose those pieces I actually wear, since all of them looks better on a real woman than on hangers) but because I can only design clothes that fit my style and I myself would like to wear. Like the shoemaker with his shoes, I am with my clothes. My order is always the last one in line.

3. Why are there so many unwearable pieces on catwalks?
Haute couture is an important part of fashion, designers can show fashion professionals what they are really capable of. The mission of LACCA is to offer solutions for real women to be able to stay women every day, at all times, so usually we organize only ready-to-wear shows.
4. Are the models all Miss Hysterics?
This may be the most common misbelief. It is only Naomi who can afford to be like that. I have already worked with numerous models and believe me, they are all hardworking, cooperative, patient, intelligent girls. Those who are not, can easily drop out from the world of fashion.

5. So do you design clothes only for those anorexic girls, or do you also have it in my size?
Most women are frustrated by the sight of those girls aged 18-20 going along the catwalk with pokerface and without breasts or hip.
We are not devoted to those art for art's sake kind of fashion shows that would like to meet only the requirements of fashion professionals. We do not want to discourage the ladies who are always dissatisfied with themselves. So when it comes to LACCA castings it is not the size on which we decide. Our clothes are bought by real women. That is why we use a wide range of sizes. 
Get Ready to Wear!
We do not solely have independent shows, but we also participate in other events, business parties, balls. Participants of the event usually are actively involved in the shows, let them be young or elderly ladies or men. They also wear a couple of pieces on the stage so that they can have the experience about preparing backstage, about the rehearsals, how it is like to go along the catwalk, and that the world of fashion is not a closed, unreachable community. They always have the biggest success, and a standing ovation from their colleagues.
So I would like to encourage you to choose a great piece and feel like being on catwalk every day!

Edit Apati, fashion designer of LACCA